Anabela's DIY Project #5: How to Make a Faux Sheepskin Rug


Anabela writes a delightful blog called Fieldguided and runs a small accessories company with her husband Geoff. They have two cats, Oreo and Pony. Every week Anabela will be sharing a new DIY discovery to help us get a little craftier.

For my next DIY project (one that’s pretty simple and that I consider foolproof — with the right materials, that is!), I decided to try Marichelle’s Faux Sheepskin Cloud Rug. So cute, right? That cloud shape is so unique! To make this DIY, I used about half a meter of faux fur. I freehand drew a cloud shape on the back with a fade-fast fabric marker, and then cut it out. It’s best to try to cut the fabric as close to the “root” as possible along the back so that the fur remains long. Try not to clip the fur itself.


 This part is pretty messy and you’ll get fur fibers everywhere, but it’s been so cold lately that I couldn’t cut it outside. Probably best not to wear sticky lip gloss while doing this part of the project! After the cloud shape was cut out, I applied a Fray Check along the edges to prevent fraying of the backing fabric. If I were to try this project again, I would probably use a faux fur with a more plush pile, but for now, I’m pleased with this adorable rug!

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