A Well-Crafted Life


[caption id="attachment_89" align="aligncenter" width="300"] La Bohème Café - Where it all began....[/caption] When I started writing my blog, In Life and In Fashion, a few years ago, it was without much intention.  I did it to pursue an old passion, which was writing, and to find a creative outlet since I wasn't being sufficiently creatively challenged at work.  I hoped people would read it, enjoy it, and identify with what I was writing, but I really did it because I loved it. Over time, writing for my blog brought me happiness and so much more: it gave me a voice, and helped me to define what really matters to me.  But I had no grand plans for where it would lead. Fast forward, to early last year....I received an email from a reader who wanted to meet for coffee to chat about my experience in retail. We met and made an instant connection over our interests and aspirations to truly craft our own lives. Well, over the year, many more coffees, and a particularly inspiring meeting, the following email transaction took place: My email: It was great to catch up.  I still think we should come up with an idea and work together one day. I think we would complement each others skills really well....something to think about!
 Talk soon, 
Kena And this was her reponse: SO great to finally catch up! I could not agree more about potentially cooking something up together.  I think we'd make quite a formidable team! Let's keep brainstorming… This is how BRIKA began. The bottom line is, I didn't know what the efforts I put into my blog would produce. I did it out of pure love for the work and a desire to carve out a creative, fulfilling life. But through it, I met my lovely partner (and friend) Jen, and we are now embarking together on a lifelong dream to start a business and inspire women everywhere to live well-crafted livesPursuing your passion pays! You might not know exactly how right now, but in unexpected and unintended ways, it will.  

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