7 Ways To Steal More Time For Yourself


Lately I have been feeling overwhelmed, rushed, harried. Like I am doing too many things at once (which I probably am!). Sometimes I forget to breathe. So this post is for you and for me. Every personal coach, self-help guru, and holistic practitioner extolls the virtues of taking "Me Time". But what is "me time" exactly? Here are some ideas on how to get some.


If you have five minutes:

Drink in the View. If you are lucky enough to have a beautiful view from your window - whether it be a cityscape, mountains and a bay, or even a pretty garden, take a few minutes to consciously stop and be grateful for the view. If you don't have a nice view from your home, keep some photos of places you visited and loved framed and visible. Sit down, take a few minutes and take yourself back to that place.

Breathe. OK this may seem like an obvious one, but it is the one we tend to forget most often, especially when we are feeling overwhelmed. At an event I attended, a yoga instructor suggested to use your cell phone ringing as a cue to stop and take a deep breath before reacting. I think this is a life-changing idea and I have already started implementing it in my own life.

If you have half an hour:

Read an Inspiring Book. Even if you have read it before, read a few passages from a book that inspires you. The positive feelings you get from reading or browsing through it will help remind you what is important to you. My favorites are style, interior design or personal development books, but for you it could be a spiritual book, a cookbook or even a novel. Keep a few favourites stacked next to your bed for easy access.

Go For a Walk. For my whole life, this has been a consistent tool in my life-strategy tool box. When you feel frustrated, lost, sad, angry, trapped, or down, take a walk. While you are walking, try to focus on taking in the sites and sounds around you rather than using it as a time to let your mind run wild. I guarantee you will come back feeling at least a bit better. Find a path from your home or work that you enjoy and can rely on.

Take a Nap. I personally get cranky after naps so it is not my preferred choice, but all the experts agree that a short nap can recharge you and give you a fresh perspective on your day.

If you have a few hours:

Meet a friend. Spending time with a friend, new or old, always lifts my spirits. Ideally, choose to spend time with the friends that have a positive outlook on life and are in general supportive, caring, and encouraging.

Escape to a Cafe. Grab a notebook, maybe a magazine and book and head to a favorite cafe. Sit with a coffee or tea and dream, sketch, doodle. Or just people watch and eavesdrop on interesting conversations (my personal favorite).

The point is to make a conscious choice to take "me time".  Recognize that you need it and then give it to yourself.  It is easier than you think.

Any other suggestions on other ways to take "me time"?

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