6 ways to have a well-crafted holiday


  1. Practice a family tradition – or make your own.

    There’s something undeniably heartening about engaging in rituals that strengthen the ties to your lineage, and passing them down – or starting your own! – with your kids.
  2. Fire up the oven and get baking.

    The benefits of using your hands to create something tangible go beyond therapeutic (just ask our Makers!), and there’s really no going wrong, should you choose to either gift or snack on the product of your creation – we recommend our candy cane brownie cookie recipe.
  3. Express gratitude.

    Count your blessings is a tried and true platitude for good reason. Take stock of everything you have to count yourself lucky, and encourage others to do the same. It’s a simple yet effective reminder of what you have to be grateful for (and has even been scientifically proven to increase happiness!).
  4. Donate your time.

    It’s easy enough to give away your nonperishables or make a contribution to a cause you care about, but spending time at a shelter, kitchen or hospital broadens your scope of life experiences, offers the opportunity to understand those in need and makes you appreciate what you have (see #3).
  5. Practice mindfulness.

    It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping, parties and family commitments. Don’t forget to step back and take a moment to breathe. Hitting the pause button and calmly acknowledging the present moment is the easiest (and cheapest!) form of therapy you can engage in.
  6. Connect with an elderly person.

    Be it a relative, friend or retirement home resident, the elderly truly are the last living connection we have to the past. And in bygone eras of World Wars, political upheaval and resource scarcity, chances are they have interesting stories to tell – and will relish the opportunity to talk to a younger generation.

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