6 Beautiful Ways to Organize Your Jewelry


[caption id="attachment_5751" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Casey D Sibley Travel Jewelry Tray Casey D Sibley Travel Jewelry Tray[/caption] We work with over one hundred jewelry designers within our community, so clearly, we have a penchant for collecting beautiful and well-crafted earrings, necklaces, bangles and rings.  Keeping all these lovely pieces well-organized is another story! Here are 6 ways to organize all the lovely, meaningful pieces in your own collection: 1. Use a packable fabric tray when traveling. We love the one above by designer Casey D Sibley.  It unsnaps to pack flat, and snaps back together when you reach your destination.  Keep your jewelry accessible and all together to avoid losing a stray earring between the bedside table and bed in your hotel room! Tipsy_BRIKA   2. Display your rings with style. We use this lovely little object by Bower as the home for the rings we take off at night. Functional and beautiful! umbra-prisma-accessory-organizer-brass-image13. Keep your favorite pieces easily accessible. This unique jewelry stand is the perfect way to keep your every day pieces at hand. jewelry dishes_BRIKA    4. Use beautiful little dishes all around the house. We keep one next to the kitchen sink, one at our bedside and another at our desk.  Then there is always a safe place to place your treasures wherever you take them off. These lovely porcelain ones by Red Raven are a bestseller online and in our shop.   Necklace Display_BRIKA 5. Keep your necklaces tangle-free and on display with this easy DIY. 10062252GJewelryTrayOrganizerGray_x6. Stack these felt trays in your drawer to keep your jewelry collection well-organized and easy to browse.  - Kena Paranjape, Co-Founder & Crafter of Brand    

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