50 Things to Do Other Than Watch TV

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Since the launch of BRIKA, my TV-watching time has been reduced to almost nothing. But prior to that, I sometimes found myself mindlessly turning on the TV when I had a little time to myself.  One day, I made a quick list of 50 things I could do other than watch TV.  That way, when I did choose to watch say, Breaking Bad, it would feel like a choice rather than just something to fill up time.

Here are 50 ideas to help you get creative and get off the couch!
  1. Take out your sketchbook and play
  2. Bake something delish!
  3. Plan a day trip
  4. Call a friend you haven't spoke to in a while
  5. Start a blog on a topic you are passionate about
  6. Look up recipes for the coming week
  7. Shop at your local market
  8. Read a novel, favourite magazine or blog
  9. De-clutter one room in your home
  10. Visit a park with your kids or go for a hike
  11. Take a moment to be grateful for the big and small things in your life
  12. Check out a coffee shop you've never been to before
  13. Visit a craft store, buy what speaks to you and just play!
  14. Cook something outside of your comfort zone
  15. Search for new music on itunes
  16. Listen to music and do nothing else but listen
  17. Give yourself a manicure
  18. Write a letter on pretty stationery
  19. Read non-fiction and learn something new
  20. Visit an artists studio 
  21. Meditate
  22. Style your outfit for the next day - get creative!
  23. Brainstorm book ideas
  24. Listen to a podcast
  25. Decorate a room
  26. Play in your closet and create new outfits!
  27. Create a styleboard
  28. Give yourself a pedicure
  29. Write a wildest dreams list
  30. Paint or make a craft
  31. Take a relaxing bath
  32. Plan out your weekend
  33. Take a creative class - sewing, print-making, painting...
  34. Look up concerts coming into town and buy tickets
  35. Do yoga
  36. Iron clothes you never wear because they are always wrinkly! (haha hopefullly I'm not the only one with this problem!)
  37. Teach yourself to play a musical instrument
  38. Join a sports league
  39. Brainstorm business ideas
  40. Research the latest and greatest apps
  41. Take dance lessons or just dance for fun!
  42. Become an expert on a subject (buddhism, french cooking, the history of hip-hop anyone?)
  43. Plan a trip, big or small
  44. Create a playlist for different occasions: workouts, brunch, dinner, etc
  45. Do something for someone else
  46. Plan a themed party
  47. Research volunteer opportunities
  48. Write in a journal
  49. Play with make-up and give yourself a new look
  50. Take out your camera and experiment

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  • Kena on

    I’m so glad you found it motivating Ursula! That means so much :) -Kena

  • Ursula on

    I’ve printed this list and put it next to my calendar in my kitchen. Is VERY motivating and you can adapt it to kids’s activities ;) Good post!

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