5 Inspiring Things On Our Radar This Week


[caption id="attachment_5886" align="aligncenter" width="600"]7 Tiny Homes with Big Style (Courtesy of Elle Decor) 7 Tiny Homes with Big Style (Courtesy of Elle Decor)[/caption] Here are 5 things we were inspired by this week and wanted to share with you! 1. These beautiful bicycles were designed to complement three stand-out works of art in the Minneapolis Museum of Arts. 2. As the weather cools off, we're reaching for comforting treats.  Here are 29 healthier versions of some of our favorites. 3. You'll be mesmerized by these photos of pyramids and pits created out of ordinary foods. 4. As if you need more reasons, here are 6 unexpected benefits of living a healthful lifestyle. 5. Seven tiny homes with big style that we'd move into tomorrow!    

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