5 Inspiring Things On Our Radar This Week


stone-art-mandala-elspeth-mclean-canada-8-605x605   Here are 5 things we were inspired by this week and wanted to share with you! 1. We are mesmerized by these beautiful paintings of mandalas on smooth ocean stones (above) by Australian artist Elspeth McLean. 2. A hilarious and spot-on account on why Labor Day sucks (but we'll keep the day off!). 3. Ten ways to jolt yourself into happiness according to Gala Darling. (We've already incorporated her tip on lavender oil into our daily happiness-boosting repertoire) 4. After making these easy, no-bake chocolate chip protein squares, we are obsessed with making our own portable and healthy snacks.  Here are 37 energy bite recipes for all types of taste buds! 5. Just over a week ago, we lost the great neurologist Oliver Sacks. This wonderful post highlights 7 powerful lessons we can take away from his exceptional life. Prepare to be inspired...    

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