5 Inspiring Things On Our Radar This Week


[caption id="attachment_5842" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Food art via @leesamantha on Instagram Food art via @leesamantha on Instagram[/caption] Here are 5 things we were inspired by this week and thought you would be too! 1. We are obsessed with Food Artist Samantha Lee's instagram account.  So incredibly creative and fun! 2. "We feel chronically guilty about not giving our businesses what we think they need in order to flourish. We forget that, to nourish our businesses, we must first nourish ourselves." - Hiro Boga.  This article is for all the business owners (big and small!) that need a reminder that your business can't thrive if YOU don't thrive!    3. These guys say that hipster decor is dead. We're not entirely convinced but we can fully get behind the trend towards more modern, elegant design especially dressed up like this.... 4. We believe that everyone has an interesting story to tell...this article claims that HOW you tell yours can shape who you are. 5. How a six figure salary could actually be bad for you and why freedom is your greatest asset.

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