39 tips to master the art of gift giving

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It wouldn't be an overstatement to say that gifting is the bread and butter at BRIKA. From paper goods and accessories to jewelry and gifts for little ones, we take pride in the fact that our curated assortment of well-crafted goods is a go-to source for gifting for all occasions; from birthdays and holiday celebrations to baby showers and engagement parties (and that's just scratching the surface!). As such, it only makes sense that we've picked up a tip or two to ensure that giving gifts is a no-stress affair, and with a little planning, it can – and should – be fun. Behold, a roundup of our 39 top tips that will ensure you gain mastery over the art of gift giving in no time.
  1. Instantly dress up any present by tying a ribbon around it. Use a pair of scissors’ sharp edges to curl the ribbon ends for extra prettiness.
  2. Individually wrap each item to doubly (or triply!) impress the gift receiver, and add even more of an element of surprise.
  3. Tear a page out of an old calendar, circle or draw a heart around the recipient's birthday date, and use the page to wrap your gift.
  4. Arrange gifts in a small gardening bucket and tie a ribbon around the handle. Instantaneous presentation points.
  5. Have a small gift to give? Try this trick: stick it in a deflated balloon, blow it up and tie it with a beautiful ribbon.
  6. Not sure what to get the recipient? Ask someone close to them – a best friend, significant other, family member – they’ll be more than happy to help make their loved one’s special day even better.
  7. If you spend a lot of time with the gift receiver, oftentimes they will hint at what they want.
  8. Nothing is better than an unexpected present, given without reason.
  9. It’s not about the dollar amount that went into buying a gift, but the thought and intention behind it.
  10. When available, always include a gift receipt with the present.
  11. Gift certificates may have a reputation for being impersonal – but there’s nothing wrong with giving a practical gift that will actually be used!
  12. This one’s especially helpful during the holiday season: create a gifting list to track who you need to buy/budget for.
  13. A holiday gift exchange or Secret Santa is a great way to focus your gifting efforts on one person, and cross off a few extra people you would normally give to.
  14. Gift based on the recipient’s niche hobbies or interests to demonstrate that you notice the interesting or unique aspects of that person.
  15. Gift by astrology! Do some research into what characteristics match the recipient’s sign (our horoscope guides are a great place to start) and gift accordingly.
  16. Shop online to save time trekking from store to store. (If you do, ensure you give yourself enough time for the gift to get shipped to you!)
  17. Save your receipts, especially during the holiday season – nothing is more frustrating for both the giver and receiver than paying a lot for something the recipient doesn’t need or want.
  18. Ask for help! Birthdays, holidays and other special occasions can be hectic and overwhelming – sometimes a little inspiration from a friend can go a long way.
  19. Use your email’s calendar to plan reminders for holiday dates, birthdays and events you will need gifts for.
  20. When you are out and see something perfect for a friend – buy it! Don’t wait until it’s their birthday because you will likely forget about it and be thankful when you don’t have to scramble for last-minute gifts.
  21. Use a wax seal on cards for an added element of something out of the ordinary.
  22. Or, invest in pretty stickers or seals for a luxe touch.
  23. Gift a monthly subscription box for a gift that literally keeps giving (BRIKA’s boxes are personalized by our Gift Concierge and are a great place to start!).
  24. If you know where someone is going out for dinner on their birthday, call the restaurant in advance and pre-order dessert on you. They’ll be delighted by the surprise and touched by the sentimentality.
  25. Giftwrap on a hard surface to make your life easier.
  26. Use double-stick tape to speed up the gift-wrapping process and create a more seamless aesthetic.
  27. If you’re short on wrapping paper but have extra fabric lying around, wrapping presents furoshiki style (similar to origami) is a beautiful and effective way to get the job done – DIY here.
  28. You can even repurpose old sweaters as a quick solution to gift wrap, such as with this DIY.
  29. If you’re giving a fun, multi-element gift to a little one, put everything in a paper bag and decorate it with drawings, doodles and stickers.
  30. Use newspaper as a crafty solution to wrapping paper.
  31. A wrapping paper alternative perfect for puzzle addicts: printed off word searches or Sudoku.
  32. For media mavens: wrap a gift with magazine cutouts, or use old mags to create a collaged card.
  33. Write a poem on the inside of the card – these usually serve up a double hit of humor and sentimentality.
  34. Decorate a plain gift box by drawing ribbons and a bow with a Sharpie, or write the message that would otherwise go in the card on the box.
  35. Cut out old pictures of the gift receiver to make a collage, and utilize it for either the wrapping paper or the card.
  36. Make a note on your phone or in a journal of gift ideas, so you don’t forget them as they come along.
  37. Go through magazines for gifting inspiration.
  38. Disguise a small gift in large boxes and packages to surprise the recipient.
  39. Avoid making Mondays more manic than they have to be. The first day of the week is typically the busiest for shipping – if you decide to mail a gift at the post office, do so later in the week.
Have a gifting tip we missed above? Let us know in the comments below!   Well-crafted goods in main image are all from the exclusive BRIKA collection

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