27 things we’re thankful for



The past year at BRIKA has been incredibly rewarding. We’re so thankful for the journey, and for meeting so many creative and supportive people along the way. Here are just a few more things we’re grateful for (27 to be exact!)...

  1. Good advice
  2. Incredibly fun ideas
  3. Serendipitous meetings
  4. Freshly baked cookies
  5. Pop-ups and parties
  6. Books
  7. The little things along a walk
  8. … and the bigger life lessons, too
  9. Sriracha sauce (our CTO loves it!)
  10. Adorable photos
  11. Big cups of coffee
  12. Empowering Makers from across North America
  13. And conscious consumers (thank you—yes you!)
  14. Classic cinema
  15. Office antics
  16. Crisp new notebooks
  17. Playing this on repeat (it’s four weeks away!)
  18. Friends who understand
  19. … and family that’s always there for us
  20. Well-hosted dinner parties (it’s not about the food!)
  21. … and well-crafted cocktails (it is about the cocktails)
  22. Cable-knit sweaters to beat winter’s chill
  23. And puffy snowsuits for spontaneous trips to the hill
  24. Gorgeous typography by a talented letterer
  25. Taking a break for a good long, hearty laugh
  26. Being able to do what we love
  27. And being a part of this well-crafted community
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