12 Ways To Live Each Day To The Fullest


On any given day, someone is in a tough meeting at work, someone else is at the bedside of their sick child, someone else is cooking dinner for their family. On this day, at this moment, people all around the world are living a wide range of experiences from the devastating to the mundane to the sublime—but we are all encouraged to live each day to the fullest, as if it were our last. It's great advice, but how do we go about putting it into action when we are all living different experiences? I believe that in order to live each day to the fullest, we need to find that peaceful place inside of us. From there, we can choose what is best for us on any given day. Here are some ways to put living your life to the fullest into action regularly:


  1. Laugh as much as you can
  2. Connect with people, see the humanity in all around you
  3. Take smart risks
  4. Spend time doing things you love (even if only for a few minutes!)
  5. Treat yourself to simple pleasures
  6. Hug freely and often (and appropriately!)
  7. Know that you deserve to have a great day
  8. Take what you need from what is available to you
  9. Immerse yourself in one thing at a time
  10. Ask for what you need
  11. When a frustrating situation arises look for creative solutions
  12. Never stop working towards your dreams

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The list could go on, but these twelve things as a start will lead you to live everyday to the fullest no matter what your circumstance may be. What's on your list?

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