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After compiling 33 Habits of Highly Creative People, one thing was clear: Creativity requires change. Whether it's a change in routine, a change in scenery, or a change in our workspace—each one can help inspire new ideas, and provide fresh perspective. So naturally, we asked our Makers for their favorite places to step outside and get inspired. See their top picks, and share yours in the comments below.

1-Paris-Pine-and-Boon-BRIKA.com 1. PARIS, FRANCE “Last summer we went on our honeymoon in Europe. So of course everything was inspiring. Paris was so elegant and intricate. That alone was a big inspiration.” —Jess Marie Griffith, Pine + Boon

2-NewYork-CrownFlora-BRIKA.com 2. NEW YORK, NEW YORK “It’s a great city to be stimulated by the energy and constant visuals everywhere we went. Your creativity sometimes needs a dose of it to get you inspired.” —Adam + Davis, Crown Flora Studio

3b-Kaena-Point-Oahu-Kalaki-Riot-BRIKA.com 3. OAHU, HAWAII "Kaena Point on Oahu. It’s a gorgeous hike to the end point with spectacular views. I was overwhelmed by how many natural textures and shapes there were, and I must have seen every shade of green and blue possible." – Tracy Palac Dungo, Kalaki Riot

4-Hawaii-Kiana-Mosley-Art-BRIKA.com 4. OAHU, HAWAII (again!) "The ‘ridiculously inspiring award’ goes to: the North Shore of Oahu. I'm always inspired by my birthplace and soon to be forever home of Hawaii." —Kiana Mosley, Kiana Mosley Art  

5-Reno-CaseyDSibley-BRIKA.com 5. RENO, NEVADA “Inspiration is abundant here: The mountains are absolutely gorgeous. There are so many places to enjoy the outdoors on hikes, and Lake Tahoe is only 30 minutes away. I usually get inspired on walks with the dogs around our neighborhood, or when my husband and I take bike rides around town (especially in the spring and fall when the colors are so beautiful).” —Casey Sibley, Casey D. Sibley

6-Tofino-The-Beautiful-Project-BRIKA.com 6. TOFINO, BC “I went to Tofino, BC, for the first time recently and I loved the grey-blue skies, water, endless beaches and the vibrant greens of the rain forests. Seeing patterns and colors in nature, from moss on rocks to barnacles and sea stars was all so inspiring. I don't do a lot of botanical designs, but all that abundant, wild and awesome nature was a much needed jolt from my day-to-day reality and helped me see things in new ways.” Jeannette Ordas, The Beautiful Project

7-Iceland-Nicole-Tarasick-BRIKA.com 7. GLACIER LAGOON, ICELAND  “I visited Iceland in the fall. The landscapes were incredible. Glaciers, black beaches, thick moss, waterfalls, and rolling hills dotted with sheep and horses. It is a seriously gorgeous place.” —Nicole Tarasick

8-California-SeptemberWren-BRIKA.com 8. SANTA CRUZ, CALIFORNIA “My front yard. Coastal California inspires me every day.” Meg Venter, September Wren

9-Rome-Jolie-BRIKA.com 9. ROME, ITALY “Italy is always an inspirational place to visit with its old buildings and sculptures and luxe fashion houses. This most recent trip was a pre-moon (pre-honeymoon) that I went on with my fiancé.” —Ivy Chen, Jolie

10-Tuscany-Kelly-and-Jones-BRIKA.com 10. TUSCANY, ITALY "I was recently in Italy, where I got to see the vineyard harvest and sip on beautiful bouquets of Tuscan wine." Kelly Jones, Kelly & Jones


11. THE CARIBBEAN "I just got back from a Caribbean cruise and I am so inspired by everything tropical at the moment. Blues, greens, and hot pinks I am currently loving." —Judith D'Amato, The Smitten Collection

12-Arizona-BIKO-BRIKA.com copy 12. THE SONORAN DESERT, ARIZONA & CALIFORNIA “I recently went on an amazing road trip through the Sonoran Desert in Arizona and California. The dry heat of the desert, its vast openness and exotic vegetation were incredibly relaxing and inspiring.” —Corrine Anestopoulos, BIKO

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