10 DIY holiday home décor ideas

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Whether you're looking to add a dose of festivity to your home in a pinch, or on a budget (there's a lot of merit in saving your dollars for holiday shopping!), our favorite DIY home décor ideas are here to help. 1. Place a wreath on a cake stand and add a group of candles in the middle to create an easy centerpiece that is as impressive as it is alluring. 42ff87bb15080d58ce50433f85d88da7

Melanie Abrantes Walnut Cake Stand, $250

2. Spray paint fruit in gold to create a lustrous table setting when placed individually, or grouped in a bowl as a centerpiece.

3. Place trimmed Christmas tree branches into a jar or vase to create and decorate a mini version of the real thing.


Fernweh Woodworking Faceted Bud Vase, $73

4. This one’s for the little ones! Use the same spray paint to turn Popsicle sticks gold and glue them together in kaleidoscopic, snowflake formations.

5. Arrange your favorite Christmas ornaments in a bowl to dress up the dinner table.


R. Wood Serving Bowl, $120

6. Display your holiday cards in an original way by clipping them to indoor garlands or stringing them along your staircase.

7. Or, put ornaments under an overturned wine glass and affix a candle on top.

Candelles Blue Spruce Candle, $20

8. Wrap twin birch or maple branches with white Christmas lights. Criss cross them on top of one another for an elegant mantle or hearth display.

9. Fill an empty mason jar with glitter and place a tealight on top for a DIY votive that makes a statement.

10. Line your favorite serving tray with gold washi tape, or let your creative juices run free and use the tape to create asymmetrical patterns.


Keephouse Decorative Serving Tray, $49

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