7 Ways to Make Your 2017 Amazing

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Every article I’ve read lately about the New Year starts with a sentence about how horrible 2016 was. I find this so disheartening. Every year has its good and bad, its sadness and joy, its low moments and bright spots. It is a very personal thing as well — some people may have had a much harder year than others depending on where they live in the world or their current life situation. But whether you claim the year to have been good or bad, everyone can agree to have learned something. Many things, most likely, but at least something. Rather than end...

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Holiday Q+A with BRIKA’s Co-Founders


It’s easy to get caught up in a game of numbers when it comes to the end-of-year holidays: from how many gifts to get your family to the roster of holiday parties to attend and charitable causes to give to, the list goes on. But amidst the last minute shopping scramble, it’s important to take a step back and remember that the holidays are a time of traditions new and old, reflection on the past year and meaningful connection. Most importantly, the holidays are a time to be enjoyed – so don’t forget to clock in some much-needed down time!...

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6 ways to have a well-crafted holiday


Practice a family tradition – or make your own. There’s something undeniably heartening about engaging in rituals that strengthen the ties to your lineage, and passing them down – or starting your own! – with your kids. Fire up the oven and get baking. The benefits of using your hands to create something tangible go beyond therapeutic (just ask our Makers!), and there’s really no going wrong, should you choose to either gift or snack on the product of your creation – we recommend our candy cane brownie cookie recipe. Express gratitude. Count your blessings is a tried and true...

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Join us for a holiday-themed kids’ fashion show this Sunday, Toronto

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Bundle up your little ones and join us for a day of festive cheer this Sunday, December 18 at BRIKA’s Yorkville Village pop-up. Featuring a live kids’ fashion show displaying the best of marQ, TV personality Melissa Grelo’s line of clothing (available at BRIKA), the afternoon will be capped off with a range of fun DIY crafting activities hosted by Designher Co. Guests of all ages are welcome to design handcrafted jewelry and accessories, and the BRIKA Café will be serving hot chocolates, marshmallows and other sweet treats available for purchase all afternoon. The fashion show will run from 11-11:30...

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Parenting pointers: Rethinking family holiday giving

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Founder of Liz B. Parenting, a parenting consulting practice, Liz Berholz is an educator, speaker and Adler Institute-trained Life and Professional Coach. Liz works with parents of toddlers, tweens and teens by giving families the tools they need to create homes and lives filled with mutual respect, cooperation, connection, responsibility and fun. *** The holidays are invariably filled with anticipation and excitement about the type of gifts that will be given and received. But so extreme is the wastefulness that many cities have implemented holiday waste reduction programs to manage all the garbage we create. And research shows that, in the...

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