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Home To A Well-Crafted Life

By featuring the work of authentic makers, artisans and designers, we've created an online shopping experience that celebrates modern craft, storytelling and the belief that our lives are as beautiful as we wish to make them. 


With BRIKA, you'll discover:

  • A new BRIKA Maker featured daily at special launch prices offering you the best price while honoring the valuable craft of our Makers

  • Exclusive collections from talented and passionate makers, created in collaboration with BRIKA

  • Original and inspiring Maker stories to love and to share  

  • An ever-growing community of Makers to discover, explore and revisit upon every return to BRIKA

Brika Co-Founders Jen and Kena


We are believers. Not just in life as it is now—but in the power we have to craft it into something even more beautiful. We exist to not only stand for the following values, but to support and inspire them in others:

  • Everyone has a creative spark

  • A world of beauty lives in every small thing

  • Today’s craft becomes tomorrow’s heirloom

  • Some of life’s greatest lessons are learned from one another 

  • Inspiration is the engine for growth 

  • We have the tools to craft a beautiful life

About Us

BRIKA was founded by two women who believe that pursuing one’s passions pays off in a big way. After earning her BSc at McGill University and her MBA from the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto in her native Canada, co-founder and Crafter of Brand Kena Paranjape found herself planning the merchandising and marketing strategies for Old Navy, Banana Republic, Joe Fresh Style, and an eco-lifestyle concept store based in Toronto. In her spare time, she started her blog, In Life and In Fashion, to provide an outlet for her creative energy and to reignite her childhood passion for writing.

Co-founder and Builder of Business Jen Lee Koss is a Juilliard-trained cellist and graduate of Harvard University, Oxford University, and Harvard Business School.  Upon moving to Toronto, she began reading Kena's blog In Life and In Fashion. Jen felt an immediate connection with Kena’s writing, and set out to meet her. Over a series of coffee dates and email exchanges, they discovered their contrasting personalities and skill-sets made them ideal business partners.  Kena’s patient, methodical approach balanced Jen’s fearlessness and infectious enthusiasm, and Jen’s years spent working in management, consulting, investment banking, and private equity in the retail sector complemented Kena’s merchandising, marketing, and branding experience. 

Drawing on their shared values of following one’s passions and building a beautiful life through well-crafted, everyday objects, they developed the concept for BRIKA, a unique online shopping destination that offers a curated selection of special pieces that are destined to become heirlooms and celebrates the makers behind them. Weaving a sense of community and creativity into the fabric of the brand, BRIKA is a place shoppers can come to find inspiration as easily as beautiful, modern crafts.


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